Oli’s Weltreisen

Oli’s Weltreisen haben dazu beigetragen, dass Oli einer der besten Tour Guides in New York City geworden ist. Die Andaman Nicobar Inseln, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Kambodscha, Indien, Tonga, Fiji, Australien, Neuseeland und viele andere Destinationen hat Oli nicht nur als Tourist bereist, sondern auch vor Ort gelebt und gearbeitet. Im Anschluss findet Ihr einen Lebenslauf der besonderen Art und Ihr werdet feststellen, dass Oli mehr als nur Euer New York City Reiseleiter sein wird.

So dass Ihr hier Euere Englischkenntnisse ein bisschen staerken koennt, hab ichs auf Englisch geschrieben. Wer will nutzt google translate und versteht dann auch alles!

Friends and guests are always amazed by the places that I have been to and by what I have experienced all over the world. To understand the creation and concept of Olidaytours you really need to get to know me, meet me and enjoy a day or more with Olidaytours! You also find “Olidaytours” on Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and Pinterest! If you speak a little bit of German, take a look at an article in www.wuerzburgerleben.de. .

The Residence in Wuerzburg, a UNESCO world heritage building

The Residence in Wuerzburg, a UNESCO world heritage building

You will soon find out for yourself, that it is true, what one of my guests once said: „After a day with Oli, I felt like I could see colors again! Oli will inspire and energize you through just being himself, as he did have this positive impact on me!“ I like to call it: Let´s get „oligized“! Only through a pretrip meeting or a conversation prior to your Holiday, you will be able to enjoy the Olidaytours-experience 100%.

Luis and Oli in the mountains of Austria

Luis and Oli in the mountains of Austria

This is one of the many differences of Olidaytours to other touring companies. Olidaytours will make sure to exceed your expectations! So please take your time and read the following exciting „life story“ of Oli, the founder of Olidaytours.com LLC, to get to know him better and to find out, if you are ready for an Olidaytour: „I was born in Wuerzburg (Germany), a town in the northern part of Bavaria in 1974 and grew up in a little village called Kuernach.

"Bäckerei" in Kürnach, my home village

„Bäckerei“ in Kürnach, my home village

After I finished my 13 school years at the Röntgengymnasium in Würzburg (secondary school) I decided to study at the Julius Maximilians University in Würzburg to get my bachelors degree in Arts and Education in Special Education. During all those secondary school years I spent most of my vacation in Portugal, on the Algarve. in the beach house of my „Portuguese Family“, just outside of Aljezur. I also spent a couple of month in 1991 in New Zealand on a student exchange program – my hometown „Down Under“ was Ashburton, in the Canterbury Plains on the South Island. I soon realized, that there is so much more to see and to explore out in the world, and decided to go on a work and travel program to Australia in 2001, after I successfully finished my studies. Through organizing a trip for an Australian scouts group, and my grandfather´s brother moving to Australia right after the Second World War, I already had some contacts in Adelaide. This taught me how important it is, to have contacts in places you have never been to, to be able to see it and experience it through the eyes of a local. The initial 4 months of my stay changed into a full year, living, working and traveling this great continent. With my little Suzuki Sierra I went from Adelaide via the Flinders Ranges National Park and Ayers Rock (Uluru) all the way up to Darwin in the Northern Territory. From there I drove via Mt Isa to Cairns and after I got a job offered at O´Loughlin Catholic College as a relief teacher I headed back to Darwin. The wildlife and the National Parks (Kakadu National Park, the Mary River and Litchfield Park) caught my interest so much, that I went and spent time every second I had time off from teaching in the „Outback“.

Australian road train and my little Suzuki Sierra right next to it

Australian road train and my little Suzuki Sierra right next to it

My brother came over to Australia after I had been there for six months already and together we travelled from Darwin via Kununurra, Wyndham, Broome (including Cape Leveque), the Bungle Bungles (Purnululu National Park), Fitzroy Crossing, …. all the way down to Perth in Western Australia. We explored the area, stayed with Aussies we met on our travels and finally went through the Nullarbor Plain back to Adelaide. It had felt like a „short time“, but we had spent about three months on the road. In the years to come I went back to Australia about 8 more times and covered the whole East Coast from Sydney to Cairns, the inland route through the Outback via Broken Hills back to Adelaide (visiting Cameron Corner on a side trip) and the Great Ocean Road tour from Adelaide to Melbourne, continuing via Canberra back to Sydney. I also spent time working for Cruise Whitsundays out on the great Barrier Reef as a PADI dive master.

One of Oli´s favorite activities - scuba diving! Are you "ok"?

One of Oli´s favorite activities – scuba diving! Are you „ok“?

Once I got back to Germany right before New Years 2002, I was infected with the travel bug and used a couple of months to get ready for another adventure. I took off in November 2003 via Thailand, where I was working for Phuket Divers in Khao Lak as a PADI divemaster, to New Zealand and caught up with my friends, that I went to school with back in 1991. With being on a work and travel visa I was allowed to work and started as a „milk harvester“ in Methven (South Island) and in Hokitika (South Island) for almost a year.

Oli as a farmer in New Zealand!

Oli as a farmer in New Zealand!

For my 30th birthday my parents invited me to come back home to Germany for a little birthday party. I used the 3 weeks of my „home stay“ to take my dad on the back of my GSX750F Suzuki motorbike from Germany, through Denmark, Sweden and Finland all the way up to the northern most point of Europe, North Cape in Norway. Once back in New Zealand I took a job offer and spent more than a month working as a whale watching guide and dive master in Tonga, on the Ha Apai Islands, in the South Pacific. I got to experience the Kingdom of Tonga from its best, spending time with the local tribes drinking kava, enjoying the white sandy beaches, scuba diving and swimming with humpback whales. With a German TV crew I even went on an expedition over to the still active volcano Tofua.

Oli working in the kitchen the Tongan Way (Ha´apai Islands, Kingdom of Tonga)

Working in the kitchen the Tongan Way (Ha´apai Islands, Kingdom of Tonga)

Back in New Zealand I continued traveling around the South Island as well as the North Island and started my voyage back to Germany in 2005, stopping in Australia for a little while, working on Nana Nu Ira Island and Manta Island followed by a 3 months working vacation in Fiji taking people scuba diving and exploring the Fijian way of life. In preparation for my next adventure, working at a summer camp just outside of NYC, my final stop over was Santa Monica, California to take my American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Course in Santa Monica, California. Starting the summer of 2005, while living in NY, I had the opportunity to explore NYC and NJ and continue to travel the world in the winter months. England, Ireland, France, Spain, Egypt, Thailand, Vietnam, the Emirates, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore where just some of the highlights of my travels during the following years.

Jump the world! Jump Egypt!

Jump the world! Jump Egypt!

It also was during that time, that I had the chance to work on a little island in the Andaman Nicobar Islands (India) 2008/2009, managing a bungalow dive resort. After working four summers at the summer camp in America it was time for me, to go back to Europe in 2009. Saalbach-Hinterglemm, an amazing skiing resort in the Austrian Alps, became my winter residence, taking people skiing, organizing Après Ski parties and enjoying the unique huts and way of Austrian winter life.

My amazing team at Ocean Pearl Dive Resort, Andaman-Nicobar Islands, India

My amazing team at Ocean Pearl Dive Resort, Andaman-Nicobar Islands, India

During the 2010 summer season I went to Greece with my motorbike, traveling from Germany, through Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Kosovo and Macedonia. I was living in a beautiful little town called Sarti, where I took tourists sunrise running, scuba diving, mountain biking and also had time to explore the whole peninsula of Halkidiki.

Sithonia, Halkidiki - getting ready for the trip back to Germany

Sithonia, Halkidiki – getting ready for the trip back to Germany

The next summer I had the chance to be a tourist and mountain biking guide on a „boat and bike tour“ along the Lycian Coast of Turkey. My base was the beautiful village of Dalyan, with its ancient cliff tombs. After another great winter season skiing from 2011 to 2012, I decided to go back to America. NYC and NJ never really got out of my mind. I spent my time off exploring the East Coast, including Long Island, Cape Cod, Boston, Salem, Vermont, Syracuse, the Jersey Shore, Atlantic City, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Long Beach Island, hiking the beautiful hills of New Jersey and cycling, roller blading and running through New York City.

The view of New York City from a roof top bar on 5th Avenue

The view of New York City from a roof top bar on 5th Avenue

Together with my dad I took my Zebra Jeep (Zeep) from New Jersey all the way to San Diego in October 2012. We took the northern route (Route 80 West) to travel west, saw the sand dunes of Michigan City, the plains of Nebraska, and the Rocky Mountain National Park, drove past Denver into Utah (Route 70), visited the Valley of the Gods, Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon, went hiking in South Mountain Park in Phoenix, took a detour into Mexico and went swimming with seals in La Jolla. On the way back we visited the Anza Borrego desert, the White Sands National Park in New Mexico, drove past the oil fields of Texas, Dallas and Nashville all the way to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and stopped in Washington DC for a visit.

The last couple of miles to the beaches of San Diego to finish an Olidaytour Coast to Coast tour in 2012

The last couple of miles to the beaches of San Diego to finish an Oliday Coast to Coast Tour in 2012

In 2012 as well as in 2013 I also took groups of friends from America over to Germany to show them the beauty of Bavaria. A must see and must visit was the one and only real Oktoberfest in Munich (at the end of September till the beginning of October) and the „Disney“ castle Neuschwanstein.

A motorbike tour through America was on the agenda in 2014. Oli drove all the way from New Jersey to South Lake Tahoe in California and made it even to San Francisco. A must for him was to ride his BMW across the Golden Gate Bridge and along Highway Number 1.

In 2015 Olidaytours ran a tour to the most beautiful coast of Europe. Lisbon was the first destination and after a couple of days in the city, we headed down to the Algarve, where Oli spend his summers for about 10 years.

Since 2016 Olidaytours was after only 2 years in Business already mentioned on Tripadvisor.

Now,2020, Olidaytours with Oli as the CEO and head guide, is the highest rated german speaking tour company in New York City!

All my travels all over the world, guests spending their holidays with me instead of a corporate tourism enterprise as well as my wife Kathryn (who shares my passion for the outdoors and traveling) tremendously inspired me to start my own business Olidaytours.com LLC in 2014.

I can’t wait to meet you (you just made it through my last 20 years of travel and tour guide experience) and to show you the most unique way of traveling and sightseeing with Olidaytours.

Please feel free to contact me anytime – I will be there to make your Holiday an unforgettable one.

See you soon, ciao Oli and Olidaytours“        

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